Starry, starry night

Led by Simon Parke

Vincent Van Gogh lived in many homes, (including a few in England) painted many pictures, wrote many letters and knew many difficulties – emotional, spiritual and financial. He also loved his brother, colour, the sun and the stars.

In this retreat, we’ll walk with Vincent through his remarkable life, featuring Amsterdam, London, Paris, Arles and Auvers and note any coincidence with our own. It’s not art history, but will feature Vincent’s painting, (each a window into his soul) his spirituality and psychology, as this ‘stranger upon the earth’ makes his way towards the light.

As Vincent wrote, ‘I have a terrible need for – I will use the word – religion, so I go out at night and paint the stars.’

A silent retreat with daily sessions and prayers. Some van Gogh images will be on display but participants are encouraged to have a tablet or phone on which to look up and view for further exploration, if desired. There will be an optional daily discussion session.

Simon Parke is a freelance author, speaker, consultant. His book Conversations with Vincent van Gogh is an imagined conversation with the artist. Simon's website

This event is open to everyone.

Arrival: 3 - 5pm Mon 15th August 2022
Departure: 10am Fri 19th August 2022

Residential - £500 (20% ministry discount)