Recruiting : Capable all-rounder


Overview of the role

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Running a retreat house entails many practical tasks to ensure that guests can relax and enjoy their stay in comfort. Some tasks fall squarely within the remit of specific teams (such as housekeeping, catering and adminstration), while others are carried out by whoever currently has the time and skills. This includes but is not limited to looking after the laundry, gardening, running repairs, Art Shed, chapels, library, helping with reception, bar, etc. All our roles flex somewhat according to the season of the year and the availability of other colleagues on the team. We sense there is space for a new colleague who is a practical all-rounder. We anticipate carving out a role with some specific responsibilities and some capacity to deploy to assist or deputise for other colleagues.

Working relationships

Line Manager is the Warden, Sarah Horsman. Working closely with community colleagues in all other departments. From time to time having responsibility for members of staff and/or volunteers. 

How the role looks day to day

This is a new role so we will be paying attention to shaping it to match the needs of the ministry and skills and aptitudes of the successful candidate. The one thing we can be sure of is that no two days will be alike. 

Skills and aptitudes

  • Practical day to day use of Microsoft Office especially Word and Outlook (especially emails and calendars) plus basic use of Excel
  • Reasonable competence with computer use generally (researching and purchasing online, learning specific programmes/systems such as Sheldon's bespoke bookings application)
  • Capable of being well organised, managing priorities, tracking issues and tasks
  • Collaborative mindset, working with colleagues in an accountable manner in the service of the whole
  • Track record of a reasonable range of practical 'household-type' skills such as cooking, running repairs, gardening
  • A kind manner and attention to detail

About you and your experience

  • You enjoy caring for people through practical service
  • You are willing to learn from the experience and expertise of the existing team what works well in the Sheldon context. 
  • You have sufficient physical strength and stamina to sustain a rhythm of life which can include long days.
  • You are looking for a new challenge in your personal pilgrimage for at least one year.