Sheldon Retreat staff members

Staff members join one of the Sheldon teams. 

We are currently recruiting to Community and/or staff roles

The Housekeeping team is currently led by Jo who looks after the Cleaning Team ensuring that all the guest accommodation is kept beautifully clean and in good repair, and that rooms are prepared for guests - nice and warm and with all the right paperwork and food and drink as appropriate. Members of the cleaning team include Ann, Jacky, JanT, Sally, Pauline and Tom.  

The Cellarer team make sure that delicious meals appear at regular intervals and stocked larders are kept well stocked. Community member Hillary leads this team and is ably assisted by Ainslie in the Deputy role, hospitality volunteers and by capable staff members seconded from the cleaning team.She is assisted by Louise and Elly and hospitality volunteers.

The Administration team look after all the bookings, finance, publicity and fundraising, and assist visitors calling at Reception and is led by Community member (and Warden) Sarah. Dawn is the Hosteller in Reception. Rich is a staff member working 3 days a week and Karen is a self-employed bookkeeper currently handing over to Erica.

The Estate team look after the 45 acres of grounds, and keep all Sheldon's buildings and gardens safe and in good repair. Lawrence works 3 days a week and Simon and Kevin each work 1 day a week.