Sheldon and Coronavirus : FAQs re Covid-19

Last updated 30th October 2022

A pandemic requires shared efforts to keep each other safe. We want to make sure clinically vulnerable guests can feel confident coming to Sheldon and not excluded. We adapt our protections according to current circumstances including infection levels and the season.

We continue to maintain a multi-layered approach to keep each other as safe as possible in the least onerous ways. Someone brings Covid-19 onto site most weeks at the moment so our aim is minimise the risk of passing it on to anyone else.

We need to "Care for the Air we all Share"  

  • HEPA13 filters are provided in all the shared spaces. They are on timeswitches and automatically do their thing in the background. If they get noisy it means they're working harder. 
  • In addition, CO2 monitors are provided in main rooms to check there is enough fresh air being circulated
    • If levels go over 600, open a couple of windows
    • Over 800 - open more windows
    • Over 1,000 (and it starts beeping) - open everything
  • If you join us in the chapel for community prayers, please wear a face mask
  • Members of the team continue to wear masks in close contact places such as serving food or drink or in reception
  • We support all guests who need or want to continue wearing masks

With free lateral flow testing having been discontinued we are no longer requiring routine testing, but do ask you to test 

  • if you have had close contact with anyone who has tested positive
  • always on the day of any massage appointment

It is helpful if you can bring your own test kits, but we can supply as needed. 

If in doubt, please discuss with us before traveling. Phone us on 01647-253914 if you become unwell during your stay.


We have continued with our more generous arrangements for cancellations in the light of the ongoing uncertainties we all have to manage. We want you to have the confidence to make a booking while having a reasonable framework for flexibility where needed.

Covid is Airborne
Keeping each other safe
Please wear a high quality mask