Sheldon retreat centre-Covid protections

Sheldon and Covid-19

Last updated 24th March 2024

Our goals are 

  • To protect everyone from Covid - every infection is worth not having because of the significant long term risks which accumulate with every additional infection. This applies even if the initial illness often appears 'mild' (that's just the body's protest against the virus entering your system - the consequences happen later)
  • To provide clear guidelines on what to do - we do the worrying so you don't have to

We do this by

  • Reducing the risk of staff and guests bringing infection onto site. 
    • Sheldon offers good discretionary sick pay and testing for our staff
    • We ask guests to contact us to discuss before travelling to Sheldon if you have new symptoms or recent known contacts. Please do not travel here if you currently test positive for Covid. 
  • Reducing the risk of passing on any infections that come to site 
    • If you develop any new symptoms (please click to check the list) during your stay please contact the team on 01647-253914 - depending on circumstances we may arrange for testing, masking, moving to alternative accommodation, etc.
    • We limit the occupancy of shared spaces to avoid overcrowding
    • We clean the air with HEPA air cleaners running in all main rooms
    • We ventilate all main rooms with plenty of fresh air and have continuous monitoring of CO2 with text alerts for the team if levels rise over 750 (but our target is 650). We encourage guests to be pro-active in opening windows. 
    • We ask everyone to wear a face mask (ideally a well-fitting FFP2 respirator - £1 from reception) for community prayers in chapel. This is because numbers are unpredictable in chapel and there are fewer windows. 
    • We use testing, masking and air filtration to keep those giving and receiving a massage protected


We have continued with our more generous arrangements for cancellations in the light of the ongoing uncertainties we all have to manage. We want you to have the confidence to make a booking while having a reasonable framework for flexibility where needed.

Australian, but holds for UK as well
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