Become a Friend of Sheldon

Changing Lives

So many people find Sheldon a place of life change and discovery.
A place of being mended and stretched and glimpsing God.
Often it is not our business to know how or why – just to be co-creators of a place that is special for very many people.

Kingdom Economics

We serve a generous God and try to be open-hearted in our welcome and provision. Often this does not make ‘business’ sense.
Despite the Community’s huge salary sacrifice, contributions from guests only cover around half the costs of running Sheldon. And every week there are bills to be paid.

Friends are the ones who make the impossible possible.

Quiet Faith

We don’t shout about big results and flashy successes. We try to get on quietly and faithfully with the task we have been given. We need people like you with a quiet faith that a ministry like this matters.

Extended Community

The Friends of Mary and Martha are an extension of the Sheldon Community. You cheer us up when things are tough, and cheer us on when the challenges are enormous. We’re a bunch of ordinary folk, who started this ministry with just £200 and a commitment to servanthood, stability and stewardship in our community life.

Small Miracles

Together, the Community and Friends have played our parts in many miracles. Lots of small contributions add up to unexpectedly large ones.

Together we can carry on making a real difference.

Together in Body

  • You send us some money
  • We send you our newsletter and/or emailings

So simple! Friends give £30 or more per year to the Ministry Fund. It really helps if this can be by bankers order and gift aided.

Together in Spirit

  • We pray for you
  • You pray for us
  • We can develop Sheldon
  • You become part of Sheldon
  • We feel encouraged
  • You help change lives
  • And much more besides!

As a Friend of Mary and Martha you become part of something you can enjoy and be proud of. You contribute to a practical, caring ministry. You might support from a distance or visit regularly.

Download a printable leaflet and application form here

Or make a donation or standing order using our online facility here and just email to say you'd like us to sign you up as a Friend.