Belonging at Sheldon

At the heart of Sheldon life is an open-hearted and hospitable lay Christian community - men and women, married and single, long-serving and serving for a season. 
At the heart of our vocation is a commitment to support people in ministry. We welcome guests at 'real world' Sheldon and host an online peer support community in the Sheldon Hub. 

This is an independent ministry we have been developing quietly for 40 years.
In our common life we seek to live out the values of 

Stability, Stewardship and Servanthood

Sheldon is our 'everyday' name, and the name of the place. Society of Mary and Martha is the name of the parent charity (established in 1987).

As at November 2023 we are not currently actively recruiting.
However, if you feel a strong call to test your vocation here for "the next stretch" of your life, then we are open to receiving applications on this form.

The day to day work of the community is shared with staff members, volunteers and alongsiders. We each have particular roles, but those roles have a habit of changing and developing over time as the needs of the ministry emerge, skills develop and personal circumstances change. We have a good track record of being creative and resourceful in adapting to change - change being an important way of staying the same! 

We collaborate closely and pay careful attention to detail as we seek to give guests the best possible care. Our community life includes a rhythm of shared prayer, meetings and meals that adapts to the seasons. Being mainly introverts we also value our personal space and individual interests.

As a team we are committed to each other and to guests, we work hard, life has plenty of variety, we share the tears and more often the laughter together.