Visit Sheldon Retreat in Devon

Sheldon Retreat offers specialist resources for people in ministry, including at times of stress, crisis, burnout or breakdown. The Sheldon Community live on site here and host the space. Our charism is low key and understated overlaying a solid commitment and attention to detail. Interwoven with the specialist work we have many more resources that are open to everyone. Please follow the links to get an idea of what's on offer, then either phone (01647-252752) or email with your booking request or enquiry (or see here for 'I'm in a bad way'). Check out the helpful rules of our house

Includes led retreats, simple 'R5' space to use as you wish, holiday weeks for families in ministry, etc. Home-cooked shared meals. 1:1 sessions, artists in residence, labyrinth workshops, etc. Everything in place for Covid safety. 

With your own front door and fully self-contained, you can use a private retreat however you wish. Suitable for individuals or couples. Choice of self-catering or stocked larder. 1:1 time available for people in ministry. 

Family celebrations, cell groups, training and other retreats/gatherings. Self-catering or catered. Freedom to run your own programme and give your guests the opportunity to relax and enjoy the Sheldon experience. 

Sheldon has lots of opportunities to volunteer - hospitality, workparties, living alongside community. Volunteers play an integral part in the life and ministry of Sheldon alongside community and staff.