Programme listings for Sheldon Retreat

Scroll down to browse our listings for programme events with shared meals, set dates and some structure to your time. 

ALL 2023 prices are being held for an extra 8 months through to the end of August 2024.

If you prefer unstructured time to yourself, here's the link for private retreats

(Sorry that there will be no clergy family holiday weeks here in 2024.)

We have some specific House Rules including our famous 'no clergy shop talk' to free you up to enjoy social company with less risk of being ambushed by work topics. 

We like to be sure you are making a booking for something that will be right for you, so we're always happy to go through details over the phone if you give us a call on 01647-252752. If you already have the details you want, you can email your details and booking request to

We look forward to welcoming you!

Here are the arrangements for accommodation and meals and for Covid-19 protections

Click here for timetables for upcoming events.