Private Retreats

Current rates

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Ideal spaces for private retreats

On a private retreat you have time on your own and in your own space. You have your own little kitchen for preparing meals (either bring your own food = self-catering or we can fill up your fridge and store cupboard = stocked larder). You have access to 45 acres of Sheldon grounds - gardens, fields and woodlands, plus plenty of local footpaths. There are good places to pray including chapels and the labyrinth, and you are welcome to join the Community daily prayers. The well-stocked library is available for you to browse and the Art Shed is always open. And you might want to book a relaxing massage or jacuzzi. Accommodation is suitable for single people or a couple.

All guests understand and agree to the Rules of our House

For people in ministry - 1:1 time is available. More details.

Open to everyone - If you are not eligible for ministry resources you need to be sufficiently okay emotionally and spiritually to benefit safely from time alone.

Standard minimums and timings

Standard private retreats:

Linhay Lodge - 5 nights minimum - exclusively for people in ministry. Please note that we are not able to guarantee Lodges at the moment and for all bookings reserve the option to provide a Hen Run or Pig Pen instead. 

Pig Pens (and Hen Runs) - 3 nights minimum

Stocked larder - 3 nights minimum

(the minimum stays have been increased because of the additional work required for changeovers while we are managing coronavirus risks)

Arrivals and departures:

Standard arrival window is 3pm to 6pm

Standard departure is by 10am