Stocked larder is an optional extra when booking a private retreat. The alternative is self-catering. For full catering (shared meals served at table) you need a programme event.

A stocked larder includes a two course meal each day plus soups, bread, eggs, milk, fruit juices and a selection of items for making up snacks and sandwiches. Stocked larders are offered for 3 days or more.

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We like to stock your larder with food you will enjoy. Tastes and needs vary quite widely. We are happy to vary the contents of your larder if you give us the necessary information at least 2 weeks ahead. Email us on

  • Bread: wholemeal is standard, white is the alternative
  • Butter is standard, margarine is the alternative
  • Milk: 1 pint of semi-skimmed per day is standard. You can request whole milk or skim and vary the quantity

Most of the meals we provide are home made and frozen with our own instructions for reheating. Most vegetables are frozen or ready prepared. We can vary this in the direction of

  • Extra-easy - supermarket ready meals with microwave instructions
  • A bit more cooking - if you enjoy the activity of preparing food we can provide more fresh vegetables and other ingredients

People vary enormously in the amount of some food and drink items. It helps us to avoid waste if you can give an indication of quantity per person, eg

  • Fruit - several items a day, one a day, hardly any?
  • Treats and snacks - yes please! or trying to avoid.