If a booking is cancelled ...

Last updated February 2022 to reflect the ongoing management of uncertainties around Coronavirus

Cancellation (bookings for individuals)

This is how we are managing and sharing risks around Coronavirus cancellations now that we have some understanding of the levels of uncertainty for all of us. 

Deposits - £20

  • Bookings are secured with a small deposit of £20 that is not refundable whether for Coronavirus or other reasons. This applies whether the booking or event is cancelled by Sheldon or by you. The money goes towards the costs of Sheldon making best endeavours to set up bookings.
  • For family holiday weeks the deposit is £50 per family.


  • The balance is due 2 weeks before arrival (1 month for family holiday weeks).
  • If you cancel more than 2 weeks in advance, there will be no balance due.
  • Please make a diary note to pay the balance in full 2 weeks before your arrival (1 month for clergy family holiday weeks)
  • If Sheldon can't legally offer the booking (in lockdown or too high a Tier) we will refund the balance in full. If Sheldon is okay to offer the booking but you are not allowed to travel, then our discussion starting point is a 50:50 sharing of the financial pain. (In practice, we are as flexible and as generous as possible and try and make the world go round for all of us under difficult circumstances - always hugely appreciative when people can contribute some cancellation funds to Sheldon.)
  • Please continue to take out suitable travel insurance for 'normal' risks such as injury or bereavement - this will protect both you and Sheldon from financial embarrassment in the face of the genuinely unexpected.
    • You may already have cover under a policy such as a multi-trip travel insurance or included with your home insurance or banking.

If you cannot obtain suitable insurance for health reasons, please discuss this with us.

Cancellation (bookings for groups)

Each group has its own cancellation terms written up as part of the process of making the booking.