Creative Arts at Sheldon

Getting crafty!

Creative arts at Sheldon

Following enthusiastic feedback in 2022, we're delighted to have more crafty opportunities for you to create, play and re-imagine. Definitely what many of us are needing to refresh tired souls and overworked minds and bodies. The Art Shed is always available for guest on private retreats and programme events - the Artist in Residence is here to help you make the most of it.  

Sue or Charmaine will spend their mornings in the Art Shed making art in response to their surroundings at Sheldon. We hope that some guests will enjoy dropping by and having a play. Maybe you would like to try something new, or perhaps all the possibilities of the Art Shed feels a wee bit overwhelming and you'd like some gentle ideas or encouragement on how to get started. Maybe a collaborative project will emerge from individual work. Making art can be such a helpful way to spend some time on retreat - it may surprise you at many levels. 

Everyone resident on site will be welcome, whether you are on the R5 weeks or on private retreat over the same dates. This is not a workshop, simply informal individual opportunities. 

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table with creative art
In the Art Shed