Workparty Volunteers

Workparties at Sheldon provide great opportunities to contribute to the life of the Community, and to “get grounded with God” through practical teamwork. Friendships made over a trailer of manure or the kitchen sink can be friends for life! We aim to get the job done, and enjoy ourselves in the process! Hundreds of people have taken part in Sheldon workparties over 25 years. Many enjoy the opportunity to


  • do hands-on practical work
  • be a member of a team
  • see a satisfying finished result
  • be part of an evolving ministry
  • get grounded with God

There is always plenty to be done! Volunteer work can include:

  • planting and weeding
  • pulling down and building
  • repairing and decorating
  • harvesting and preserving
  • hosting events such as theatre, liturgy, celebrations

Note: work is paced carefully to suit individual abilities, but please come expecting work, not quiet retreat!


Our worship is generally quiet and gentle. We try to focus less on each other and more on God. We don’t expect to spell things out, but to provide an environment where volunteers can experience God in creation, in quiet moments, in team work, fun and friendship, as well as through the basic liturgical rhythm of our days. God is a mystery far beyond our understanding, but we do have plenty of experience of God proving trustworthy and using our limited efforts to create something much bigger than ourselves. We continue with this ministry because we see the gently positive and sustained effects it has on people. We try to limit our own intervention and simply be faithful in allowing people to be and to discover new depths of God for themselves. Along with the daily rhythm of morning and night prayers, each workparty includes its own distinctive liturgy which everyone is invited to attend.

& Laughter

We definitely enjoy our time together on workparties. Lively conversation over the meal table and in the bar. Make new friends and have fun working together.

"I had a wonderful time and there are so many things I could say about how great Sheldon is but I haven't quite got the words to do it justice. The people and the environment there have had a profound effect on me. Just perfect.I already want to sign up for the next one!"

"It really didn't feel like work. I had a wonderful time and enjoyed the yummy food I didn't have to cook! Met some lovely people too. I'll be back for sure. ❤"


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