An Art Shed

Tue 06 October 2015

No, it doesn't look very glamorous, but at this stage it's just a rough photomontage for the planning application. 

So many guests at Sheldon benefit from being able to play with art materials as part of their journey. We decided it was time we had some dedicated space for the wet/messy arts like paint and clay (sorry, no kiln), and to make it really attractive for having a go at other crafts. The location is in a little corner of land parallel to the access drive down by the Hen Runs. In the photomontage it's the Perch Hen Run you can see in the left hand corner. Plenty of natural light, centrally heated and with a water supply and washing up faclities. 

Some people need a bit of encouragement/temptation to try out art things - how many of us date our creative fears back to bad experiences at primary school!? But we have seen time and time again how people can make an imaginative breakthrough in difficult situations by drawing, painting or modelling with clay. It's not about creating magnificent works of art (although sometimes these as well), but more about engaging the creative and playful sides of the brain that get shut down when we're stressed and locked into a problem. 

The aim is to build this sometime during 2016. It is not costed yet, but likely budget about £65,000. If you'd like to support this project you can give now

Artist's impression of the Art Shed

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If you have experience of creating/using this type of space we'd love to hear from you

Anon - Oct 12, 2015

I love the art shed idea – I know when a friend and I have gone on pottery or arty courses we have really enjoyed them and there is something very therapeutic about it all. It is a release and distracts the mind – in all sorts of ways – not just making a clay shape and bashing it out of shape again if you are thinking of someone or something – although that works well as well! We have done all sorts of crafty things – there are loads out there – and have always ended up feeling better even if we have gone stressed – although we have not gone for that intention. So think this will be such an asset to Sheldon. I am even more pleased that you are doing it on a personal level – as it means you will have some blessings and parties to celebrate the starting, building and completing and I will see you all – as I hope I will be invited to them!

Fiona Spandler - Oct 12, 2015

A great idea. The Crowhurst Christian Healing Centre in East Sussex have just rebuilt their Art Room. Maggie their resident artist and member of the Community may be able to give you some advice, she runs regular Prayer and Painting Retreats.

Jenny Holden - Oct 09, 2015

Great idea! One of the things I loved when I wasn't in a group and instead rootling about in a Pig Pen was access to the art box in the library. I was always a bit hesitant as it would have been dreadful to spill/mark something in the room, so a dedicated shed would be great. I have very happy memories of an art retreat where, as a dedicated non-creative I surprised myself.

Sue Ashby - Oct 07, 2015

How exciting. I am in the process right now of setting up a 'Kingdom Arts' Group at my church and having fun buying loads of Art materials. We hope to attract the lonely and bereaved but actually free for anyone who would like to explore faith through the arts. We thought the children seem to have all the fun so why not do a sort of Messy Church for adults. Carefully thought through storage for ease of access, good quality materials, a big double sink, drying space /racks, display space much to think about. Please pray for our first session on Nov. 3rd. The church is very excited about this project and I have something to get my teeth into at last. Sue

If you have experience of creating/using this type of space we'd love to hear from you

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