Farmhouse Thatch

Tue 19 May 2015

Richard Dray and his team started work rethatching the Sheldon Farmhouse just after Easter and we enjoyed watching them at work through the sunny weeks of April. The main body of the roof is thatched with water reed and then the ridge is topped off with shorter, stronger wheat straw.

Yesterday the scaffolding was taken down (we had to wait 2 weeks because the back axle of the scaffolder's lorry broke!). We'd been waiting to take photos of the completed work and within hours we had a bonus rainbow to set it off!

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What does Sheldon thatch say to you?

Jenny Holden - May 24, 2015

I'm afraid I made a thoughtless comment about it and said that it looked like one of those very obvious wigs and I'll be glad when it looks a bit older.

I like thatch, enjoy watching the birds under the eaves, had been coming many times before I realised why thatch doesn't need guttering and really enjoy sleeping in the Pound House, knowing that it's thatch, over those interesting beams which is keeping the weather out. Doesn't seem enough really and yet it is.

What does Sheldon thatch say to you?

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