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Mon 20 November 2017

Sheldon is an independent charity so we depend greatly on the generosity of our Friends - 710 wonderful people at the last count. At our Community morning prayers in chapel we pray for Friends on a monthly cycle, and we know many of our Friends hold us and our ministry in their prayers too. It means a great deal to us. And last year Friends donated over £70,000 to the charity's Ministry Fund - we literally couldn't do it without them. 

As a meagre act of reciprocation we send Friends a newsletter a couple of times a year, usually around Advent and Petertide. The Advent 2017 edition has been through a re-design for various reasons, and we would love to know what Friends think about it. The reasons behind the redesign were as follows

  • We needed to change to a different software which is (a) cheaper and (b) more members of the Community can use. (So it has been moved from Adobe InDesign to Microsoft Publisher.)
  • We wanted to scale down from the A4 format to the A5 format to make it easier to post and have better 'pick-me-up' appeal both around Sheldon, and friends/churches of Friends. It should also be a bit cheaper to produce and post. 
  • To continue the harmonisation of styling across Sheldon's print and online communications
  • To make it easier to read and dip into by increasing the number and decreasing the length of the articles, and including more images. 

Please do leave a comment to tell us what you like about the new format, any suggestions for how we could improve it next time round, and any subjects you'd like us to include articles on. 

And if you haven't seen it yet, then perhaps you'd like to consider joining as a Friend of Mary and Martha to support the Sheldon ministry? More details here .

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carleen robertson - Dec 04, 2017

Love the new layout, A5 is much neater. Still easy to read.

Mary Le Coyte - Nov 30, 2017

Love the new 'Sheldon News' - both layout and content. A change in domestic circumstances has made it impossible for me to visit Sheldon this year, and the situation looks set to continue for a while, but all this lovely news brings Sheldon to me instead, and helps me to feel in touch.

God bless you in all that you do.

David C - Nov 29, 2017

Many congratulations on a first rate piece of work. Very presentable and, of course, very readable.

Amanda - Nov 29, 2017

Many thanks for sending the latest Sheldon magazine by post, loved reading right through it and seeing your photos too. I very much hope to come down to Sheldon for a few days again next year.

Averil - Nov 29, 2017

I like the new layout for the newsletter, cleaner and brighter with plenty of content.

Margaret Smith - Nov 28, 2017

Love the new format, not least because A5 means reduced postage. And I like that you have moved on from actual stamps that need to be stuck on. Content interesting, photos, as usual, brilliant, good –sized print (helping the aged to read it easily!). Like having the different contributors named, and something from nearly everyone. Good to include publicity for events. All in all, well thought out and executed.

Ann Havell - Nov 27, 2017

We have received the Sheldon News and really like the new format.

We can read it without glasses which is huge bonus!! We like the pictures which really help to keep Sheldon in our minds and hearts.

Thank you for putting so much work into it.

With love Ann and Mike

Rosemary H - Nov 25, 2017

Congratulations on the new-look Newsletter - good to have news from you all, with all the lovely pics, and I love Carl's "thoughts" - keep them coming, Carl

The children are giving you a new and welcome dimension ! And Hillary, do keep us informed about the sheep and dog and any other animals you might have, as you've done in the past - always good reading !

Michael S - Nov 25, 2017

Thank you for Sheldon News. It was well prepared, showing many different aspects of your work. The photos were very clear. We are passing our copy on to our Minister to see if anyone he knows might benefit from a time with you, so would appreciate a second copy if you can spare one, please.

With our love and prayers

Caroline W - Nov 25, 2017

Really like your redesigned Newsletter as much as I liked the old one – brilliant collection of photos and a really good overall insight into what is going on at Sheldon. So encouraging to see how the community is expanding too.

Anne Horton - Nov 23, 2017

Great improvement, especially in the A5 size.

Always a good read, and I appreciate hard copy, so very many thanks

Robin Brown - Nov 22, 2017

It arrived this morning: Vicky and I have read it from front cover to back.

Thoroughly enjoyed it (as always) but this easier to handle, super variety of authors and photos and makes us feel very much part of the Community.

Congratulations! Love and prayers as ever

Christopher Turner - Nov 22, 2017

I like the new format. It is a better size than the previous ones, smarter in style and quality of paper. It brings us up to date with your team and your priorities. It breathes a feeling of optimism and commitment.

It makes us want to be back with you soon!!

Brenda Morton - Nov 22, 2017

I like the A5 format. just as easy to read. Like another of your correspondents I feel the newsletter keeps me in touch, even though I may not have visited for years! (hope to rectify that soon!). Shorter articles always good.

I too, miss the sheep/hens etc input, but we did have one about children!

Sue Roundhill - Nov 22, 2017

I received the Newsletter today and really like the new format. I always enjoy the publication and seeing what is going on at Sheldon. I do want to stay on your 'mailing' and 'email' lists please.

Peter Cornish - Nov 22, 2017

Like the new format - hard copies are helpful for reading over lunch and for praying with. More and shorter articles are fine for dipping into. The only thing I'm aware of missing is an article apparently written by one of the sheep or other livestock! but the humans still have the knack of writing readably and in a way that draws you into the Community. Thanks a lot - I always look forward to it.

Nina Summerfield - Nov 22, 2017

It's just as good to read as the previous format - always enjoy the News Letter enormously as it makes me feel connected to Sheldon. Sensible to reduce size - much easier to stuff in a pocket or bag

Lovely to have more images - and especially of Nick!

David Talks - Nov 22, 2017

Great idea! Look good! Also good to have more people be able to use the s/w.

John Staples - Nov 22, 2017

Love the new A5 format.

Please continue to produce "hard copies" which are easy to pass around to the elderly

(lots of those in Swanage!), few of whom have e.mail access.

You are in our daily prayers.

Perhaps you could pray for the family of the 19 year old, Gaia Pope found dead last weekend on the cliffs here?

God bless,


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