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Sun 17 July 2016

Andrew writes …

We’ve made a deliberate attempt this year to increase our engagement with social media. As well as advertising our programme, we aim to keep Sheldon in people’s minds so that they think of us when they need us. We can do this in a number of ways but as Sheldon is so photogenic it’s easy to use images to give a sense of the beauty and peace of the place. We’re also aware that many people are interested in what goes on at Sheldon and some of the behind the scenes stuff so we try to give a flavour of that – whether it’s lambing, clearing the drains or commenting on the latest concert in our Open Air Theatre. Humour plays a large part in our lives at Sheldon and pictures on Facebook of Fred’s escapades bring a smile to many people’s faces! (Fred came to Sheldon as part of a very generous legacy and now feels very much part of the family).

On a more serious note, we tweet the Friends of Mary and Martha prayer calendar every quarter and we are posting regularly during important times in the Christian calendar and in our calendar – for example, during Lent, over the Easter weekend, in the lead up to our Community Rededication and the feast of Mary, Martha and Lazarus, etc.

We’re starting to explore being more proactive with social media by reacting to other people’s posts or linking to other on-line sources. We expect this to expand when the Sheldon Hub goes on line in 2017 (with its own social media channels). We are also beginning to work more with video and expect to be posting more on our YouTube channel – if you haven’t already watched them, do have a look at the animation that introduces the Sheldon Hub and a video with members of the Hub working group talking about how they would have found the Hub useful.

To really harness the power of social media for spreading the word about Sheldon, we need you to like, follow, comment, share, retweet our posts on the various channels. If you’re not yet in to social media then maybe you would like to try it out by interacting with us! You can find us at:

Facebook: maryandmartha
Twitter: @smmretreat
Instagram: @sheldonretreat
YouTube: SheldonRetreat

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Zoe Smith - Jul 18, 2016

Just love being able to follow what's going on at Sheldon-definitely makes me feel connected. Are you able to get the prayer calendar onto Facebook?

Terri Boyland - Jul 18, 2016

sorry, at 75 years of age I am not, and do not intend to get, involved with all those other things - e-mail or nothing for me.

I am not receiving your Prayer Diary - if it is only available through these other ways then I will not be able to receive it. Please send to this e-address

Jenny Holden - Jul 18, 2016

I really like finding Sheldon news on my FB and twitter pages.

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