Vocational Openings at Sheldon

Sun 28 February 2016

Have you ever wondered if you might have a vocation to community? 

Here at Sheldon we have been quietly growing our ministry and working out what it means to be community in this place, doing this work, with this group of people. We're serious about the ministry we do together, and serious about our commitment to each other through the ups and downs, joys and sorrows. 

In the last few years we have been implementing a lot of changes both visible and hidden to make growth possible. It has included re-ordering and extending community living quarters, changing roles and responsibilities of existing members, and investing in some of the communications infrastructure that helps to make it possible to be a larger team. And we're praying ...

God our Provider
You gather us in this place
You entrust us with one another
Hour by hour, day by day
Build us worthy of that trust.

God before us
Soften and open our hearts
Towards what we can’t yet see
Ready our future people
With vocation and skill
And show us the paths to find each other.

God our Desire
Shape our lives
Fashion our Community
Order our ministry
Pattern our future
Lead us in the way of Christ.


Having spent some time thinking and planning during our closed period January we are now ready to start the ball rolling. This week we are putting out adverts, emails and social media posts about the two roles we would like to explore with potential community members. 

As demand for Sheldon's excellent food grows - more guests on our own programme events, private retreatants with stocked larders, and groups running their own programme here - the cellarer team would like to appoint a third member to increase our capacity and resilience. 

Meanwhile, as the charity grows, there is an increasing workload behind the scenes running accounts, personnel and other aspects of the organisation's infrastructure. We also have the new Doing Healthy Ministry Together project coming along nicely. All this means there is plenty of work to create a very varied new Administrator role. 

So if you are wondering? Or if you know someone else who maybe should know about these opportunities? Do read more, share, pray, etc, etc.

Sorry to keep using the same picture but we hardly ever manage a half way decent one we've got of all of us together!

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