Archbishop awards Canterbury Cross for Sheldon Ministry

See below for some of the comments from Friends of Sheldon on hearing the news of the Archbishop's Awards for the Sheldon ministry. 

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More from Sheldon emails - Apr 04, 2016

I would like to say how pleased I was to hear of your award from the Archbishop.

You and your community, have made a truly immeasurable contribution to so many people in Ministry: and that of course has rippled out to the Church far and wide.

I am thrilled by this award. How wonderful that God has given the community the recognition it so richly deserves. What is it about servanthood…God is honouring the amazing and unique work you offer to His people. I appreciate that you, My prayers for the day. God bless you all and continue to honour your ministry.

We were delighted to hear about the award from the Archbishop of Canterbury. An honour and a recognition that is well deserved.

I was thrilled to read recently that Sarah and Carl have recently been honoured for their work by Archbishop Justin. I’m sure that this is very much regarded as a way of honouring the entire Sheldon community for your work and may God continue to bless all you are doing.

Hello all, so pleased to see the happy smiling faces and a big congratulations on receiving the Canterbury Cross, so well deserved after these many years of service. God bless you all.

I am just catching up on old copies of The Church Times and have seen that both of you have, rightly, been awarded a Canterbury Cross by the Archbishop for services to the Church of England. This is thoroughly well deserved by each of you and a real feather in the cap of the Sheldon community. Well Done!

Heartiest congratulations on being awarded the Canterbury Cross for Sheldon Ministry! A well deserved recognition!

Many congratulations to Sarah and Carl on your recent awards!! Very well deserved, and very special for Sheldon. I hope you have / will be celebrating in style!

[I've been to Sheldon on retreat] so was especially thrilled to see your prayerful, loving, sacrifical work for simple people like me recognised with honouring your work with the award of the Canterbury Cross. I jumped (really!) for joy when I read it in the Church Times.

I was thrilled to read recently that Sarah and Carl have recently been honoured for their work by Archbishop Justin. I’m sure that this is very much regarded as a way of honouring the entire Sheldon community for your work and may God continue to bless all you are doing.

More from Sheldon emails - Mar 28, 2016

Just to say how delighted I was to hear about Carl and Sarah's awards of the Canterbury Cross. A richly-deserved honour for you both, which I know you will be accepting on behalf of the whole Society of Mary and Martha. Having been blessed to receive the ministry of the Society myself, I personally am so pleased that your wonderful ministry has been recognised in this way.

Truly wonderful news and so well deserved.

Many congratulations on your very well deserved award.

What wonderful news about this award! Fantastic! Such a thoroughly deserved recognition of your work.Please pass on our congratulations to all the community.

What wonderful news, and what a thoroughly deserved recognition of your ministry. Thank you again for that. I am delighted for you.

Lesley Johnson - Mar 28, 2016

Sheldon Community must be so proud. A real Team effort, realised under the visionary Carl & Sue. Congratulations . Looking forward to seeing the photos of the special day.

More from Sheldon emails - Mar 25, 2016

I was delighted to see that you and Carl have been recognised by the Archbishop in this way. Brilliant. You have done such amazing service to the churches and offer something of rare quality and value so it’s absolutely right that you should be given this award. Pity there’s no money attached!

Just seen you have both been honoured with this prestigious award. MANY, MANY CONGRATULATIONS. So very pleased for you and for Sheldon and the Community members.

Congratulations Carl & Sarah for the Canterbury Cross award and the ground breaking ministry of Mary & Martha, that you have guided over all these years. With love and gratitude from Tasmania.

Congratulations on the Canterbury Cross awards thoroughly well deserved and recognition of the vital ministry that Sheldon provides.

That’s wonderful news and so very much deserved Best wishes and ongratulations,

Delighted – excellent news!

This is wonderful news! Congratulations.

Very proud of you both, and what this says for recognition of Sheldon's extraordinary work over the years - richly deserved!

Delighted to hear that Carl and Sarah have been awarded the Canterbury cross – what a wonderful Easter present ! And how very well deserved. A very fitting tribute to the wonderful work you have done at Sheldon over so many years.

Congratulations Sarah and Carl and Sheldon. You deserve it for all the good work you do. Kudos.

Congratulations Carl and Sarah ... and all members of the Sheldon Community

From the sheldon emails - Mar 23, 2016

What wonderful news. Many, many congratulations on this well deserved honour. Of necessity much of the work that goes at Sheldon is done quietly and without publicity. It is, therefore, especially gratifying that the Church of England is giving this very public recognition not just to you two but, as you point out, to everyone who contributes to Sheldon's life.

Congratulations to both and all.


Congratulations on being awarded the Canterbury Cross! You must be thrilled and very proud. It’s a huge tribute to your work at Martha & Mary – not only in the provisions of such high quality ongoing work at Sheldon, but also for the research and reports you have initiated and carried out to highlight various issues within the CofE. Maybe as a result of these awards more notice will be taken of your recommendations, so that the CofE becomes more caring and professional in its approach to ministry and those who minster. Enjoy the reception on 31 March – I look forward to seeing some of your photos on the website in due course!

Very many congratulations and well deserved.

Wow! That's fantastic! Absolutely brilliant!

Many congratulations Sarah and Carl. Yes it's a team effort but inspirational leadership is what gets teams working together for God! As one who has received ministry through your 12000 service at a time when I really needed it plus other retreats and time out in a LIndhay Lodge, I thoroughly endorse the benefit that Sheldon has been to the Church of England through its ministry to clergy alone, never mind all the other activities and ministries you have led! Praise God for the work you do, your vision and hard work and making Sheldon such a special place! God bless the continuing work and enjoy the ceremony at Lambeth Palace

This is truly wonderful news!! We are so thrilled for both Carl and Sarah! Many congratulations: much deserved - even though you are probably too humble to admit it!!!! What a joy for the Sheldon Community to be recognised in this way.

What an addition to our Easter Celebrations!

I am thrilled to hear this news in recognition of the work of Sarah, Carl and all at Sheldon. It is surely a mark of the importance of the work that is done at Sheldon and the care that is offered, and also the gratitude of the church for this work, as well as a recognition of the quality of what is so graciously given. I feel a few early 'alleluias' coming on!

Brilliant! Delighted for them and all of you...well-deserved!

That's good news! Congratulations and very well deserved.

Wow! How amazing! So well deserved Sheldon.

Congratulations and well deserved.

Wonderful news! Congratulations. Sheldon is such an incredibly special place.

Love and prayers winging your way.

We are delighted that Sarah and Carl and you all got recognition for the wonderful work you do at Sheldon.It’s great news.

Amazing and very well-deserved! Congratulations

Congratulations for your Canterbury Cross awards! You must be really delighted for this special recognition of all that has been achieved at Sheldon over so many years. Well done.

Congrats best wishes

Brilliant news! Thoroughly deserved! Delighted for you all!

Yes. Fabulous news. Well deserved everybody.

Brilliant news and well deserved.

This is wonderful news and a richly deserved recognition. There are few institutions within the church which draw an unmixed admiration from me, but Sheldon is one of those blessed gifts to God and to all who are fortunate to share its hospitality.

Very well deserved Congratulations

That's fantastic news - well deserved. Congratulations, Carl, Sarah and everyone!

Brilliant - so proud of you all

congratulations and thank you to you all

That’s super news! God bless


Congratulations. Hugely deserved.

That is wonderful news and so well deserved!

Delighted for you both / all. I only wish the Baptists had a Star we could award as you're a great help to us too!

Congratulations to you all.

Wonderful news! Congratulations. An award richly deserved by you all.

Congratulations! - well-deserved.

Congratulations – and quite right too.

That is wonderful news – and SO well deserved ! Congratulations.

Congratulations to Carl and Sarah! These awards are richly deserved by you and by all at Sheldon past and present.

Dear Sarah and Carl and all at Sheldon, Many congratulations on the Canterbury Cross awards for Sheldon. You most certainly deserve it. Have a wonderful day on the 31st.

Congratulations to Mary and Martha - and to Carl and Sarah - and to everybody. What a wonderful recognition!

Well deserved and richest blessings to you both and to everyone.

Congratulations! Especially to Carl and Sarah.

Wow that is wonderful, well done Sheldon and especially Sarah and Carl!


Congratulations on your award. You all deserve it. Thank you for all you do for people in ministry and beyond. I hope you have a very successful and happy year. Every blessing.

Very well deserved for you individually as well as for Sheldon generally. Many congratulations to you all.

Fantastic, congratulations

This is a wonderful and well deserved tribute to the outstanding work pioneered at Sheldon and faithfully carried out for the benefit and bLessing of us all. Many congratulations and thanks to God for enabling you all through testing times

WELL DONE! And blessings on everyone.

Congratulations Sheldon Community: a worthy winner. This is great news. Well done. I look forward to seeing photos in due course.

Congratulations to Carl, Sarah and the community of Sheldon on your awards. We continue to keep you all in our thoughts and prayers.

Congratulations to Carl and Sarah

Many congratulations, Carl and Sarah!!!! Have a great day on 31st.

Many congratulations. So well deserved.

Well done Carl and Sarah. Very pleased for both, and for the Community.

Sincere congratulations to all! Well deserved! Praise be to God for his infinite grace and mercy.

Congratulations on such well-deserved recognition.

What wonderful news! So well deserved. We will be thinking of you on March 31st and hope it will be a special occasion.

Well done and well deserved. God bless you all for the wonderful work you do.

What super news! So well deserved too for all you do.

Many congratulations ! This is wonderful news and so well deserved.

I was delighted to hear of the awards of the Canterbury Cross and hasten to send my warmest congratulations. What a wonderful Easter present!

Congratulations to both Carl and Sarah. Very well deserved. Enjoy the day.

Congratulations to all of you - well-deserved recognition!

This is wonderful news and very well deserved. Congratulations.

Wonderful! Well deserved congratulations.

Carl (and all the other faithful workers at Sheldon) This is fantastic news. I am so pleased for you and I know how richly you all deserve it. I hope the day goes well.

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