Specials : Late availability & other discounts

If you have a bit more diary flexibility and can jump on late availability options then this is the page to bookmark. Any time we have a bit of space in the diary we will offer discounts from the nice to the amazing.

Also we sometimes offer advance discounts for harder-to-fill slots or to help get the ball rolling when we add new dates to the diary. 

(This is all separate from the "I'm in a bad way" type of situation - if you're in ministry and in a crisis just call us anyway).

We will update the page every few weeks, so do check from time to time.

To claim any of the offers you must quote SPECIALS24 when you call 01647252752 or email

You need to pro-active in asking for the discount - we won't necessarily remember to offer.

Last updated: Thursday 22nd February

Private retreats (Lodges, Hen Runs, Pig Pens) week of 18th March - stocked larder, 1:1 slots and massages are available, but discount only applies to the accommodation

  • If you're eligible for ministry resources then 50% discount
  • If you're not eligible for ministry resources then 25% discount.

R5 week - starts 3rd March

  • two places available at 50% discount - open to all

What we mean by ...

  • Pay as you wish : please contribute what you can reasonably afford, according to your current needs and circumstances. Tell us at the time of making the booking how much you wish to pay. 
  • Range : we give a cost range and you can pick anywhere in between
  • Voucher : we specify a specific value discount against a booking. 
  • Open to everyone / Ministry only : check our eligibility criteria here

Please note that 1:1 or massage sessions are not likely to be available for late availability specials.

We reserve the option to withdraw any of the specials without notice or reason.