The Art Shed

"Welcome to the Art Shed ...

You are welcome to play, try, potter, sit and enjoy yourself!"

These are the words on the door of the Art Shed, and it seems that people are taking them to heart. A lot of trying different things happen and many guests enjoy having the space and time to lose themselves in either familiar or new art creations. If you don’t consider yourself to be particularly ‘artistic’ you can knit a few rows of our scarf or join in with the big colouring sheet that is left out, or just sit and enjoy the view from the armchair!

Why an Art Shed?

Messy play is just as important for grown ups as it is for children. The trouble is, once we grow up we tidy up, worry about making a mess, and in the process we often accidentally close down our imaginations. A really valuable part of coming on retreat is the opportunity to re-engage our creative imaginations, especially when we're feeling 'stuck' with problems, or we're in a phase of transition, or there are decisions to make and we're not sure which path to take. It's often amazing how quickly and fruitfully a shift in perception or knowing can take place, providing fresh insights and something tangible to hold on to for the onward journey.

Come and have a go ...

We hope the Art Shed is a space where guests feel it is possible to ‘have a go’, using materials that are to hand; drawers are labelled with their contents and they are available to use in a conventional fashion – or unconventional. The decision is entirely personal and there are no limits on personal creativity.

It would be very boring to list everything that is available to use, so here is a flavour:

  • Paints of varying sorts
  • Pencils, both coloured and graphite
  • Fabric scraps
  • Ribbon
  • Beads
  • Lego
  • Corks
  • Glue gun
  • Lots and lots of paper…