Gardens and Grounds

We have 45 acres of fields and woodlands at Sheldon for guests to enjoy. There are paths and tracks around the woodlands and the perimeter of the fields with stunning views in several directions. Benches are dotted about at places where you might want to sit and soak up the peace at a high vantage point or secluded dell. You might want to walk the labyrinth or visit the Open Air Theatre. The Sheldon Copse is a remnant of ancient oak woodland and the oaks in Yonder Wood were probably planted for timber in the 19th century. Many of the field names are taken from an 18th century tithe map. We're not within earshot of any major roads. We have a wonderful variety of birdlife including buzzards, nuthatches and long tailed tits, and you might be lucky enough to glimpse wild deer, badgers or foxes although they are all very shy. There are plenty of well-maintained public footpaths immediately around Sheldon and you can easily go for a different walk each day. We even have a nice box of wellington boots if you need to borrow a pair!

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