Visio Divina

Led by Steve Radley

Discover the power of your smartphone or camera to discover God within the ordinary, using light as a metaphor for life. This retreat is for anyone with a camera or smartphone and will help you discover the art of contemplative photography. The skills learnt can become part of your everyday spiritual exercise, seeing God in the ordinary, strengthening relationships & building mental resilience. No photographic skills are required, simply a camera you can use.

  • Day 1: The Gift of Photography to help us see in new ways
  • Day 2: Exploring the ordinary through colour. Taking time to photograph an object and learning to see the things which when we simply look, we often miss.
  • Day 3: Exploring light and shadow. Learning how to embrace darkness and light for personal growth.
  • Day 4: Story and metaphor. Creating an image to explore our feelings and emotions.

Each participant will require a smartphone or camera. No knowledge of photography is required and the retreat does not focus on the technical aspects of photography (modern cameras can do most of the work for us).

There is a mindful-photographic pray walk each day but for those who find walking more challenging exercises can be practiced around the house & gardens. Retreatants will receive one printed photo after each prayer walk.

Silence will be kept from evening worship until lunch time the following day.

Steve Radley is an Anglican priest, trained professional photographer and members ambassador for the Guild of Photographers. A military veteran he found healing from some of his military experiences through photography.
Steve grew up in the Lake District and has a love of the outdoors and fell walking. His working life started in agriculture followed by service on the Lee Abbey Community, a short career in business, before training for ordination in 1993. Steve joined the RAF Chaplains branch in 2000. His experience of war left him with a passion to help people find peace by seeing in new ways. This desire saw Steve pioneer a new direction in his ministry using image to promote resilience and build relationships through his organisation, Soulful Vision.
Steve has a BTh (hons) in theology, holds a MSc in Psychiatry & War and certificates in counselling. He has personal experience of mental health having suffered from both depression and anxiety, the latter following his last deployment to Afghan. Soulful Vision brings together this study and experience. Steve has led retreats and workshops across the UK and Ireland.

This event is open to everyone.

Arrival: 3 - 5pm Mon 20th June 2022
Departure: 10am Fri 24th June 2022

Residential - £500 (20% ministry discount)