Crafting retreat

Led by Anne Charlton

Perhaps you would like to learn a simple craft like rag rug making, or brush up on a craft such as knitting, crochet, patchwork or quilting. Perhaps you already have a craft that you could use to bring focus to your time with God. The retreat will include quiet crafting together or alone, gentle tuition, group reflection, and inspiration from scripture, art and nature. It will encourage you to find ways of using craft for re-creation in your daily life. You may find it a good resource for helping to stay afloat in ministry, or for achieving a better work/life balance.

I firmly believe that ‘when a country loses its craft it loses its soul’. During this retreat we will be focusing on different ways of finding space with God through crafts. This might be by reflecting on a piece of art, or by studying and reflecting on quotations as we work, or by listening to sacred music as we create either a piece of craftwork for decoration, or for some more practical use such as creating a rug, a cushion or a piece of clothing. A wander through the woods and fields, or a trip to the art room will hopefully provide you with some inspiration. Please feel free to bring along your own projects, or there will be an opportunity to learn new skills such as knitting, crochet, petit point, cross stitch, black work or patchwork and quilting. We will look at sources and ideas for creativity as well as potential projects. Enough materials will be supplied to enable you to try out the various crafts.

• some times of silence • daily offices • one eucharist • hands-on craft activities •

Anne Charlton is a retired parish priest who has used craft as a means of balancing her daily life for many years. She has exhibited her work and led courses in various craft techniques.

This event is open to everyone.

Arrival: 3 - 5pm Mon 14th November 2022
Departure: 10am Fri 18th November 2022

Residential - £500 (20% ministry discount)