Send my Roots Rain

Led by Christopher Chapman

Send my Roots Rain is for people in ministry and will explore ways of allowing the life-giving water of the Spirit to soak down to your roots. 

Our roots lie in our story, in our experience of calling, and above all in abiding in relationship with our life-giving God. With the demands of ministry and the uncertainties that hang over the future, our roots can become dry. In caring for others we can neglect to look after ourselves. Yet every minister is also a disciple, called to the intimacy of companionship with Christ and continued growth in the Spirit. Our spiritual, physical and emotional health matters to God, who calls each one by name.

The retreat aims to help participants discover practices and ways of prayer that will refresh and sustain their ministry and, at the same time, go with who they are and how life is.

Silent retreat with addresses. Suggested prayer and reflection exercises. 1 to 1 slots available.

Christopher Chapman is an experienced spiritual director and retreat leader. Christopher's website. He is a guest director at St. Beuno’s Jesuit Spirituality Centre and an associate tutor at St. Augustine’s College of Theology. He is a former Roman Catholic priest and has spent many years since then supporting ministers through retreats and spiritual direction. Christopher went on to work as Spirituality Adviser for the Anglican Diocese of Southwark. He is the author of three books published by Canterbury Press

Seeing in the Dark: Perspectives on suffering from the Christian spiritual tradition [2013]

Earthed in God: Four movements of spiritual growth [2018]

Send my Roots Rain: Refreshing the spiritual life of priests [2019]

This event is exclusively for people in ministry.

Arrival: 3 - 5pm Mon 17th July 2023
Departure: 10am Fri 21st July 2023

Residential - £424