Share the Joy

Led by Andrea Chance

An encounter with Icons

Are you surprised by the growing popularity of lcons? Aren't lcons just for Orthodox Christians? Are you puzzled by the need for religious pictures? Does exploring this aspect of faith light your fires? Would you like to make a simple lcon-painting using traditional techniques and materials, including egg tempera and gold?

Questions, questions.......but encountering lcons opens a conversation between human makers and our creator God "who came to Earth and went about among us."

The big question.....must you draw?...... No! You work from a tracing provided. This is how we began as somewhat sceptical students. How surprised we were by what we made and by the joy experienced in the making, finding "the dazzling brilliance of Gods beauty inside everything" as Maximus the Confessor said.

The workshop is an opportunity to spend two days making a simple lcon-painting using real gold leaf (only the best for Him), with hands-on tuition and associated traditional prayer practices culminating in a Eucharist. We will encounter some new lcons and explore the answers to those questions. There will also be some formal input on the religious and historical context of icons.

Those who attended in 2023 concentrated their prayerful attention on a simple representation of an Archangel and were able to take home precious and beautiful results. The November 2024 icon will be a St Boniface. 

Spaces are limited and priority booking will be given to residential guests. The booking includes supper and welcome/introduction on Tuesday evening to be ready to make full use of Wednesday and Thursday for the retreat workshop itself. 

Andrea Chance is an artist and educator of all ages from 2 to 102. After a watercolour-life she was surprised by egg-tempera in general, and lconography in particular, after moving to Kent. There she found St. Peters School of Sacred Art in Canterbury, where she began studying with lconographer Peter Murphy in 2013. She describes herself as a perpetual student of lconography......learning is as infinite as God.

She is married to David, retired parish priest, artist and occasional lcon maker, who will co-lead the course.

This event is open to everyone.

Arrival: 6pm Tue 19th November 2024
Departure: 4.30pm Thu 21st November 2024

Residential - £295 (20% ministry discount)