Noise risks at Sheldon

Providing guests with peace and quiet is our "business" at Sheldon, but you need to be aware that there are times when it's not quite as quiet ... 

If you have particular needs in this respect please do check in advance what is likely to be going on at Sheldon during your stay so you can make an informed decision on visiting. Sometimes we can protect you from noise, but sometimes we can't. 

  • Our wonderful Estate Team maintain the 45 acres of grounds for guests to enjoy. Machinery includes tractors, chainsaws, hedge cutters and strimmers. Their main working day is Wednesday but this can vary. We try to keep noisy jobs in the immediate vicinity of guest accommodation to the times between bookings, and when this is not possible we try and keep work to half a day or less in any one place.
  • Sheldon hosts a few school field trips during the summer term, and some weekend groups include families with children. One of our house rules is "peace and quiet around the site after 10.30pm". School groups are generally off site during the middle of the day, weekend groups tend to stay on site. Most groups are ones we work with over many years and who have a good "fit" with the whole ministry of Sheldon, but occasionally group leaders change or things can go a little pear-shaped unexpectedly. We try to find a reasonable balance with the needs of all guests on site.
  • In July we run half a dozen big concerts in our Open Air Theatre. On theatre nights the site is focused around the needs of concert-goers between 6pm and 11pm. Concerts start at 8pm and finish by 10.15pm, and can host up to 500 people (about 200 cars). We are more security-conscious on theatre nights. You can either beat them or join them. Avoid trying to leave the site between 7 and 8pm, or coming back in between 10pm and 11pm.