Last updated 6th March 2023

We know how much our guests enjoy and benefit from massage so we are making sure the setting is as safe as possible during Covid times. 

  • A HEPA13 air filter is running in the room to keep the air circulated and cleaned
  • Both parties take a lateral flow test on the day (bring your own if you can, we will provide if you can't)
  • Masseur wears a mask throughout, the person being massaged wears a mask when possible

Massage sessions last for one hour. 

We have two regular masseurs who have both been serving guests at Sheldon for over 10 years

  • Jan is a member of the Sheldon Community and is the Housekeeper when she's not massaging
  • Philippa's massage practice is usually based at her home in Exeter but she is at Sheldon for half a day most weeks

(It's fine to express a preference, but we are not able to guarantee who your provider will be if you make a booking)

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