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Sun 03 July 2016

We are getting ready to prepare a warm welcome for Alison Wedgbury as she comes to live and work at Sheldon as an Alongsider. Some of you may know her already from her first Sheldon involvement as a workparty volunteer, walking the Camino with us, or latterly as a remote worker and working group member for the Sheldon Hub. Alison is currently packing up her boxes and re-homing her cat in Cambridgeshire in preparation for moving to Sheldon at the end of September. She will be living in the Perch Hen Run and working about 2/3 on the Hub and in reception and 1/3 on hospitality and gardening. A year in the first instance, but might well extend for longer. 

Here are some edited highlights from her CV

"Authorised Lay Minister and PCC Secretary for All Saints' Church, Cottenham, Ely Foodbank coordinator.
Previous career in adult literacies teacher-training, online learning and vocational training in Eastern Region, London and nationally.
Likes: walking, singing, Tai Chi, multimedia, pantomimes, cooking, gardening, history, archaeology, Greenbelt and Amnesty."

We will be welcoming Alison liturgically on 29th July as part of the annual Community Rededication and hope that many Friends and supporters will be present on that occasion. Please remember Alison and the Community in your prayers. It's always a time of significant adjustment for everyone concerned. Please pray too for her home church at Cottenham and the foodbank in Ely - our gain will be their loss.

Alison Wedgbury
Alison Wedgbury

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Your comments welcome!

Rita Hills - Jul 15, 2016

Not able to be with you, All good wishes, and my prayer candle will be alight for you all. Pax et Bonum

Maureen Wright - Jul 05, 2016

Wonderful news that the Sheldon community is growing! Frank and I look forward to seeing you all again in the autumn. Hope you have a marvellous celebration on the 29/30th.

Jeff Watson - Jul 04, 2016

Sorry not to be with you, but (as always) I shall hold you all in my prayers. Many thanks for all you support and encouragement over the years.

Jo Jones - Jul 04, 2016

It would be so lovely to be with you all for the festival, but you will be in my prayers with deep gratitude for the ministry of all at Sheldon which I have experienced, and thanksgiving for the love and grace God pours out through you all in so many different ways.

Andrew Thomson - Jul 03, 2016

I'm afraid I can't be with you for your rededication festival through distance and the fact that I'm already booked for something far nearer home! However, I'll remember you and keep you all in my prayers as you continue your invaluable ministry.

Peter Cornish - Jul 03, 2016

Sorry I can't be with you on July 29th & 30th for the welcomes and the community (re-)dedication and the eucharist, but every blessing to you all and with real appreciation and gratitude for your work and ministry all year round.

Claire Robson - Jul 03, 2016

Very sorry not to be able to be with you all this year but SO pleased to hear that the community continues to grow. Wonderful news!

Your comments welcome!

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